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Dr. Prabhjot Kaur DDS

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Change Your Life with a New, Beautiful Smile

Are you looking for dentures to give your smile a new look? At Gentle Dental Middletown Family Dentistry, we offer MDI mini implants as a long-term method of denture stabilization. Unlike standard implants, mini implants allow immediate loading - meaning you'll walk out of the office with a stable denture, and you'll be able to eat immediately.

Mini implants often can (but not always) be placed in the lower jaw without an incision in the gums. This means that they can often be placed right through the gums directly into the underlying bone. Oftentimes, only a local anesthetic injection is necessary over the position in the gums where each implant is going to be placed.

Mini implants are easily placed in the gums

The entire mini implant procedure takes about 90 minutes. This includes placing the implants and retrofitting the old denture so that it is supported by the newly placed implants. Our procedure is generally painless, and it produces very minimal post-operative discomfort for you.

Complete your beautiful smile with mini implants

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